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Sore Muscles? Try Foam!

New type of foam roller in the weight room!
New type of foam roller in the weight room!

If someone complains to me about a tight muscle, I most likely will suggest using a foam roller.  I experience the benefits of foam rolling every day, ever since incorporated into my daily routine after I learned about it 7 years ago. That is why I believe it’s one of the best recovery, rehab, and relaxation tools there is.  This Y now has 3 different kinds of rollers to choose from.

You may have seen a Styrofoam-looking cylinder laying around the Y and there may have been someone rolling their body over it.  While the process does not look immediately appealing, foam rolling—also referred to as self-myofascial release—has become an important part of any fitness program. It’s an excellent method of melting away muscle tension to make your general stretch routine more effective. It can be used before or after exercise, and/or morning and/or before bed.  Rolling can also improve your overall performance and keep you moving pain-free through your workouts.

How does it work?  Fascia is the layer of tissue that encapsulates your muscles like a sheath (think of the white layer between the meat and skin when you pull skin from a chicken breast). Things like stress, injury, overuse or even a sedentary lifestyle cause your fascia to tighten and become stiff, which can make you less flexible and limit your mobility around a joint, even leading to pain and discomfort. You can release fascial tension by applying pressure to the muscles—it is similar to getting a professional massage, but is much more cost-effective.  If you are interested learning a brief routine to help your trouble spots, please let me know.  I would be happy to show you.  We will also be doing some workshops this winter, so watch for the flyers.  If you already incorporate roam rolling into your routine, then happy rolling! 

-Dawn Lidddicoat

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