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We are living in a generation that moves at a fast pace.  With technology developing as quickly as it is today, it seems that if we blink or take time to catch our breath, we find ourselves falling behind.  We have become accustomed to having what we want when we want it.  Microwave popcorn, text messages, drive-thru meals.  The cell phone rings and we are needed for something, somewhere.  So we drop what we are doing and immediately go to assist.  Our lives are spent on the treadmill of “how quickly can I accomplish any given task so that I can move to the next.”  It’s all about immediacy.  Now, I am not saying that this is all bad, but we certainly could use a dose of perspective.


When Jesus walked on this earth, He taught us some valuable lessons.  But we can also gain additional wisdom in how we should live by looking at those that followed after Him; their responses to Jesus’ teachings and actions.  Those who experienced a touch or some kind of contact from Jesus taught us a whole new perspective on immediacy.  Almost every case recorded in Scripture where Jesus performed some type of healing, the person being healed followed Jesus immediately.  When Jesus called the twelve disciples, they followed Jesus immediately.  There were no questions, no excuses.  They dropped what they were doing and simply followed.  When He called Simon Peter, James and John, who were fishing along the seashore, the gospel of Mark says, “Then Jesus said to Simon, ‘Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for men.’  So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed Him.”  (Luke 5:10-11)


We accomplish many things in life with a great amount of immediacy.  Deadlines, schedules, needs, wants, job demands, personal life, family, friends, etc. always seem to top our list.  Why is it when God asks us to do something we pause?  We take our time, and all the while, hoping a “good excuse” will surface so we can feel better about why we didn’t respond immediately to God’s call.  I’ve got some.  And I have an idea you have some excuses too.  And they are good excuses.  Surely God will understand, won’t He?  Truth is, God desires to accomplish so much in our world through each of us, but we have let the immediacy to accomplish the superficial become our excuse for striving for the eternal.


What is God asking you to do?  How long is your list of excuses?  Let’s work at letting those go and begin exercising our faith a little more.  Sometimes a step towards immediacy starts with the recognition that we need to take that first step.  He who calls you will sustain you as you follow Him.  Go ahead, take that step.


“God, who has called you…is faithful.”  I Corinthians 1:9

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Bruce has served in full-time ministry for over 25 years and has served as chaplain at the YMCA at Pabst Farms since August, 2006. Prior to moving to Wisconsin, he served as Associate Pastor of Missions and Evangelism at Alpha Baptist Church in Morristown, Tennessee as well as Minister of Activities and Recreation. .. Read More »

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