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Time to put the Y on your schedule.

Time to put the Y on your schedule!  

This summer was packed with fun…maybe too much fun!  Fall is a time for transitioning from outdoor activities to indoor and if you have kids or grandkids, getting them back into the routine of school.  No matter what time of day, Y is the place to be this fall.  So jump right in!  With over 46 free to member fitness classes in addition to adult and youth sports programs to participate in, there is something for everyone.  Everyone at the Y really means EVERYONE!  There is no one turned away due to inability to pay.  We have members in all generations…even some that are 93 years old who are an inspirational to us all.  Short, tall, thick, thin, no matter the color of your skin, if you live in the country or the city, we take all kinds.  We want to help you in your journey to meet your goals. From ultra-iron man to those just wanting to be active and live a better quality life, we are here to support you.  Don’t be shy, come and see for yourself why the Y is the place to be.      

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