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The heart of the Y movement.

There are plenty of captions, headings, summaries, statements and a plethora of other descriptive titles that describe what the Y is to a respective community. We see it on websites, registration documents, newspaper ads, and so on. Words such as “We’re here for the community” or “Getting stronger, together…” All that good stuff, all true. But many people that attend the Y on a consistent basis are essentially coming to their second home, which is what I believe the Y is at its heart.


The Y has served as a safe place to try new things, meet honest people, and operate in a safe environment. All descriptions of what home is supposed to be. It is a foundation and launch pad for anyone looking to start getting into shape, trying a new program, emerging into a new community, or resting from hardship. When people within the community need a place to start a movement, or get the word out to others, or come somewhere for advice, more often than not they come to the Y for the initially movement. Just like home, the Y has served and continues to serve as a place where people come together to better the community they dwell within.

Home is where the heart is.

-Paul Zdroik

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Paul is the Sports & Youth Program Director for the Watertown Area YMCA. .. Read More »

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