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Muscle Soreness Reduction

From my own experience or from others telling me it works to reduce soreness, I have come up with my suggestions to help your body recover from exercise.  Those that get sore can benefit most from any one or a few of these to continue to take his/her fitness journey to a higher level without injury.  I hope you try some to see how they work for you.


Foam Roller- I have shared the roller with just about everyone that has come to me with a tight muscle.  Rolling influences your fascia and thus muscles, tendons and ligaments, so it’s like giving yourself a massage and stretching all in one.  There are lots of YouTube videos on how to use a roller.

Eat after your workout-20-30 minutes after you finish your workout is when your body starts repairing the muscle tissues you broke down during your workout.  Give your body the macronutrients it needs to aid in recovery.  Research that shows Whey protein is the best protein after your workout.  The ratio of protein to carbs depends on what kind of workout you did.  There is info about this on the web.

Sleep-It is important to get 7-8 hours of really good quality sleep at night, maybe up to 10 hours if you are really working hard.  Your body repairs itself at rest and the quality of that sleep really matters when you put stress on your body with hard exercise.  A nap is always a good thing if you can fit one in, sleep in when you can.  Exercising hard when you are sleep deprived increases risk of injury.

Therapy balls- Tennis balls or “therapy balls” that are made of rubber and a little sticky come in all different sizes.  Rolling them on sore muscles, like the foam roller and stretching, can help recovery.  The smaller balls can get a little deeper into the tissue. Yoga Tune Up has videos and balls you can buy and educate you more on this.

Boswellia Extract- An herb used as a natural anti-inflammatory works to reduce swelling, so anytime you might reach for aspirin, use boswellia to take the edge off your soreness.  There is research to support Boswellia helps with arthritis pain.  I use Standard Process Boswellia Extract tablets.  There are other natural anti-inflammatories like fresh pineapple (Bromelain) that are available as well. 

Chiropractic Care-I couldn’t do my job without the help of regular wellness visits to my chiropractor.  Spinal health is very important to keep moving and everything working optimally.   Just ask me how it could help you.

Water-The current recommendation is to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water.  If you measure that out at the start of every day you should have a good idea if you are drink that amount.  Adequate water helps your body work optimally and that helps you during exercise and recovering.

 Epson Salt Bath-Reduces inflammation of the muscles, relaxes the mind and the soul.

Low intensity cardio-The only time I recommend NOT doing intervals is on a day after you had a hard workout and you are sore.  The low intensity cardio will loosen you up and if you follow up with foam rolling, stretching or using therapy balls, it is a good chance your soreness will be less.

Active Recovery Workout-Exercising the day after a hard workout when you are sore will feel good if you keep it light. You need to do less when you are tired or sore to help prevent injury.  Suggestions of a lighter workout are doing yoga stretches, taking a walk, using light resistance bands or just body weight exercises.   

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