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Treadmill Training

In my experience running on a treadmill is the single worst portion of my year -- excluding doctor appointments that end in “-ectomy”. In order to gut my way through a treadmill run I have developed a system of counting songs and increasing speed to help keep me stay engaged, progressing forward, and stop any psychological breakdowns from occurring.  Here is the hack:


What you need:

-          Treadmill

-          Portable music device with jams.

-          Headphone to listen to your jams.

-          Small Towel

The Hack:

  1. Start off on a easy warm-up pace with the Treadmill
  2. Listen to one song
  3. When next song start increase your treadmill speed by 1 increment of Speed from the treadmill setting.
  4. Count up to a comfortable pace with this system of “speed to song” count until you are “maxed out”, than count down.
  5. Keep your treadmill’s “distance covered” portion covered with a towel.
  6. Crisis averted.
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