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Fall Time

The changing of the season always brings a level of excitement, regardless of what season I’m moving to or from I enjoy the change. I do have to say though that my favorite season of change is the Fall, I love the excitement of the first snow, changing of the tree colors, bundling up, or having that last campfire prior to frost setting in. There is apple cider, rakeing the leaves, processing the past summer’s garden produce, and so much more.

 More often than not though I find my “laziness” kicking in, I do all my workouts in the morning usually before everyone wakes up, but I have difficult around this time of year to wake up when it is getting darker and darker, put on more clothes than I had to during the summer months of training, and drag myself out the door for my run. My secret to overcoming this “laziness” lies in small goals however, instead of looking six months down the road at my “big” goal of running, I will pick small goals throughout the fall and winter months to tackle and keep me motivated. Small goals could include a tough workout I have on my plan, a local race, a time trial, a group run, and so on! I admit I am lazy sometimes, who wouldn’t be when the house is warm and the outside is changing to our “Wisconsin Winter”? I admit it and work to overcome it. For those suffer from seasonal “laziness” as I tend to, I encourage you to take part in the “small goals” tactic, it just might produce something exceptional come the Spring thaw!

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