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Discipline Yourself

Often times, as humans, we get swept up in the material things in life.  We want everything we can get our hands on; whatever is bigger, better or faster.  Then we realize outward things don’t always make us truly happy.  So we turn inward, saying it’s what inside that counts.  We seek to simplify our lives, concentrate on finding joy in the little things.  We attack that goal with the zeal we first went after all those material goods.  But swinging from one extreme to the other leaves us feeling empty on both sides.
It seems so hard to find the fulfillment we strive for.  But the key is balance, consistency and determination.  And all these things come from discipline.
Here’s the problem:  We want it all and we want it now, whether it’s material things or a basic living to help us appreciate what we have.  Nothing worthwhile comes quickly, without discipline.  We can develop discipline by doing small things daily to build a routine, stop making excuses, use free time productively and dedicate ourselves to a cause.  

So whether your goal is to lose weight, learn something, make more money or find a balance in your life, remember the activities may be tough in the short-run, but rewarding in the long run.  Learn to discipline yourself, because no one else will.

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