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Bike to the Y Challenge Inspires Member

During the month of June, the Watertown Area YMCA held a challenge to see how many times members could ride their bikes when coming to the Y. Participants in the challenge were required to show their helmets at the front desk upon arriving. Rides were kept track of at Member Services, ultimately to win fun prizes like free high fives, guest passes and gift certificates to 2 Rivers Bicycle and Outdoor. What started as just a friendly competition for one member, turned out to be a much greater change in his perspective on both
physical health and the environment.

Y member, Rod Laudenslager, always enjoys the different monthly challenges that the Y puts out, and when he saw the Bike to the Y Challenge for the month of June, he knew it was something he could do well, plus it gave him a reason to get his bike out for the summer and start using it. “ I’ve always enjoyed riding my bike for the physical benefit, but something I’ve noted as I have been riding to the Y (instead of driving) is the money I have saved by not having to fill my gas tank as much as usual,” said Laudenslager.

He now chooses to use his bike for some of the shorter trips he makes to town from his house. “I think the biggest benefit for me was that it made riding my bike a part of my daily routine,” added Laudenslager.

“It was a start of a good habit with both physical and financial benefits. Change doesn’t always come easy, but the bike challenge helped me make a good change in my life.”

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