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30 Day Mom Challenge

To download this 30 Day Mom Challenge in pdf form, visit
To download this 30 Day Mom Challenge in pdf form, visit

Are you up for a challenge?  How often do we forget to focus on our children and get too busy doing our everyday, mundane tasks?  I admit I all too often tell my kids I am too busy for them.  I need to spend the time with them that they deserve because before I know it they will be grown up! 

I urge you to take this 30 day challenge with me. Start on whatever day of the month it is and just keep repeating.  Or, if you’re feeling creative, add your own challenges to your calendar next month.  None of these challenges cost you anything, only your time. 

Follow this link to print off a copy of the challenge yourself, or pick up a copy in the Kid’s Korner.

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