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Summer's Here!

Summer is officially upon us, as of June 21st, the Summer Solstice. What does that mean? Technically it means the earth has tilted on its axis to give us maximum sun exposure, which means heat is on the way. We all know that light travels fast, but heat takes a few weeks to catch up to that light. Meaning the “dog days” of summer are just around the corner.

What’s the plan for these hot days? Crank the air conditioner, close the blinds and go full-on hermit? Or dust off the old “slip n’ slide”, hit the hose and make an afternoon out of it? Option two will definitely get your attention on the block if you don’t have kids – it’s not every day you see a grown man flying around on his lawn playing on an outdoor toy without a child in tow…but there’s no judge on this end!

It doesn't have to be a “slip n’ slide”, but sitting inside should not be your only option. Make plans to hit a river on a tube, kayak or canoe. Going camping when it’s hot may seem like a horrible idea, but it produces some of the best memories (imagine a tent with four three brothers, two dogs, and our dad’s warning of bears in the area…accompanied by a vivid imagination!) Summer is a time of being outside, getting to know the neighbors, taking advantage of a thunderstorm to clean a car, exploring a park and losing the winter pounds. Don’t be sucked into the media’s drumbeat of “heat waves” and “blistering temperatures”- get out there and sweat it up!

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