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Do you like change?  If you have an adventurous personality, you might enjoy change.  But for most people, change makes them a little uncomfortable.  Right now, the Y is a place of change on many levels.  Exercising can cause physical changes when people lose weight, become stronger or have more endurance.  Members are making change in their habits when they start working out regularly, take on new challenges and overcome obstacles that hindered them at one time from meeting their goals.  Changes in the physical appearance of the building are happening too.  The weight room is getting a makeover and by the end of the summer the gym will look very different. These kinds of changes are the ones we look forward to.  I hope you will join me in welcoming positive changes into your life and at the Y.  I encourage you to take a class, hire a personal trainer, or try a machine that you have not ever used before.  If you get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable, you may get better results and more out of your experience at the Y.  Be ok with change!

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Dawn's goal as Health & Wellness Director is to motivate and teach fitness and nutrition as equal partners in creating a healthier you. Making small lifestyle changes over time will help you reach your goals. Dawn has 5+ years of teaching and training and was a Chiropractic Assistant for 13 years. .. Read More »

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