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Y Member Myles Lowery Talks About His Recent Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

1. What motivated you initially to want to make a healthy change in your lifestyle?
The honest answer is that I started not to like myself. I was once an athlete and was so out of shape I couldn’t stand it.

2. Can you summarize briefly your experience in stages…(i.e. when you first began, once weight starting dropping, seeing changes, to where you are now) How much weight have you lost total?
My approach, it seems, the only one I know is to start with total commitment. So my strategy was to plan a diet, and start exercising. My diet was extremely restrictive and my friend Mike Galligan, who was already a member of YMCA, was my major help getting started with the workouts. Complete honesty requires me to credit Mike; without him I don’t believe I would have been able to start the exercise program, and I definitely wouldn’t have be able to finish it. I purposely didn't really monitor the weight loss for fear of discouragement. So I really went from 300+ pounds to 185 in like one jump, well at least in my head. I have settled into a weight between 150 and 160. So I have roughly lost 150 pounds total.

3. Did you work out exclusively here at the Watertown Y? With a personal trainer or on your own?
Other then some running on the road, the Watertown Y is the only location that I worked out. My friend Mike is my personal trainer.

4. What major changes have you implemented in your life currently to maintain your current weight/health status?
I have changed everything about my life. I have found that my philosophy on everything had to change. The biggest change is to alter my coping mechanism, my way of dealing with the world.

5. What has been the best part of this experience for you personally?
Just feeling better, all the physical things I do are now easier. Just being able to run farther and faster, jump higher and lift more.


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