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Spring Cleaning

Although it might not feel much like spring, spring cleaning can help us feel refreshed and renewed like being outside on a sunny spring day when the temperature reaches the 60’s.  This year, don’t limit your spring cleaning to just your garage or closets, include your refrigerator and pantry and it will have a direct impact on your health. 

Holiday candy and any packaged foods with sugar as one of the first 3 ingredients will not help you stay healthy; so throw them out and don’t buy more!  Fill a large glass bowl with colorful fruits and veggies and leave it on the counter when you and your family are home.  This way, it will be a convenient way to grab a quick healthy snack.  Replace the bad stuff, like soda and chips, with fruit flavored tea, nuts and seeds, veggies and your favorite dip, like hummus or guacamole.  Store your food in glass containers so that you can easily see it.  Organize your pantry and refrigerator so that the healthier things are in front and easy to grab.  Keep herbs, spices and healthy oils on the front edge of your cupboard for cooking with a variety of flavors.  Healthy recipes should be kept neatly in the kitchen for quick access.   Plan your meals around the veggies that you buy so they don’t go bad before you eat them.

Staring with a clean kitchen with healthy options will make meal time efficient and directly impact how you feel when you eat fresh food.  Who doesn’t want more energy to do the things that spring brings?     

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